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CONTEST ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR TWO WEEKS, FROM NOW UNTIL THE END OF SATURDAY, OCT 4th, 2014 AT THE INTERNATIONAL DATELINE. ALL ENTRIES HAVE NOW BEEN POSTED AND DETAILS ON VOTING WILL SOON FOLLOW! :) THEME: DAGAZ WATCHES and ASIAN FOOD CULTURE--- Anything to do with food and/or drink of any nation or culture original to ASIA. Restaurants, bars, food, beer etc... RULES: 1) Watch(es) in the photo must be either a DAGAZ brand watch or customised watch modified with DAGAZ parts. 2) NO NUDITY OR VIOLENCE PLEASE--- No boobies, bumbums peepees, or weewees, and no people or animals being harmed in any of the pictures. Pictures in violation will not be posted in the gallery or contest. Guns & knives are okay provided they're not being used in a violent manner in the photo. 3)All entries must be received before the end of Saturday, Oct 4th at the International Dateline. 4)Create a catchy name for your picture--Be creative! VENUE: PHOTOS WILL BE POSTED IN A GALLERY AT http://www.10watches.com/apps/photos/ AS WELL AS IN A GALLERY HERE ON FACEBOOK. EACH PHOTO WILL BE ASSIGNED A NUMBER. VOTING WILL TAKE PLACE FROM SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5th until THE END OF SATURDAY OCTOBER 11th AT THE INTERNATIONAL DATELINE. THE VOTES WILL THEN BE COUNTED & THE WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON SUNDAY, OCTOBER12th, 2014 HERE ON THE COMPANY FACEBOOK PAGE. PRIZE: THE ENTRANT WITH THE MOST VOTES WILL WIN A BRAND NEW, CUSTOM-MADE DAGAZ T2-TYPHOON 300m DIVE WATCH with SEIKO INSTRUMENTS NH35 HACK/HANDWIND MOVEMENT on TRIPLE-D RUBBER DIVE STRAP! ALL ENTRIES HAVE NOW BEEN POSTED AND DETAILS ON VOTING WILL SOON FOLLOW! :) GOOD LUCK!!!
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