Each DAGAZ watch comes with a warranty covering manufacturer's defects.

This warranty excludes straps, bracelets, crystals, wear due to normal use, damage due to misuse, excessive wear, or abuse (accidental or intentional) or use under conditions which exceed the watch's stated water resistance rating.  This warranty does not cover modifications and/or repairs done by parties other than DAGAZ WATCH LTD. and such modifications or repairs, or opening of the watch for any reason by any party other than DAGAZ WATCH LTD. immediately voids this warranty.

In the case of a warranty claim, please contact us via email at dagazwatch@gmail.com to innitiate communications regarding the issue, and to discuss the shipping method and address. Watches sent for warranty repair should be sent as head only (no bracelet or strap), should be packageed securely, and should be sent by a secured method with a registered chain of custody. We will examine the watch upon receipt and provide a full evaluation.  Costs of shipping will be reimbursed if the claim is covered under warranty.



We inspect our watches prior to shipping.

If for some reason we miss something and there is a defect, we will take care of you with a replacement, a refund, or a repair. This is considered a manufacturing defect. You will notice a manufacturing defect when you receive the watch. 

An issue that occurs several months after purchase/wear is not a manufacturing defect and is not covered under warranty. A manufacturing defect is not wear and tear, stripping the crown threads, breaking crowns or stems, magnetizing the movement, dropping or banging the watch creating damage to the movment, or flooding your watch because the crown was screwed down.

Repairs outside of warranty will be completed at cost of parts & labour.